HPLC packed columns

MCI GEL™ packed columns are polymer based packings for HPLC applications. MCI GEL™ packing media are produced by Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation with advanced, state-of-the-art, chemical process manufacturing technology. The column performance of each MCI GEL™ column has been chromatographically tested and quality controlled.

MCI GEL™ columns are packed with MCI GEL™ packing media which are spherical packings with a narrow particle size distribution. MCI GEL™ columns provide high performance, excellent lot to lot consistency, and long operating life.

Select your application:

Ion exchange chromatography columns: MCI GEL™ CK, CA series

Ion chromatography columns: MCI GEL™ SCK ,SCA and CHK series

Bioseparation columns

Pharmaceutical purification: MCI GEL™ CHP series

  • Reversed and normal phase chromatagraphy columns (CHP series)
  • Mixmode chromatography columns for amino acid and nucleotide (CHK series)

Chiral Separation Columns: MCI GEL™ CRS series