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Ion Exchange Resins
Strongly Acidic Cation Exchange Resins (Gel, Porous, Highly Porous Type and Industrial Chromatography) DIAION™ SK, UBK, PK series
Weakly Acidic Cation Exchange Resins (Methacrylic and AcrylicType) DIAION™ WK series
Strongly Basic Anion Exchange Resins (Gel, Porous, and Highly Porous Type) DIAION™ SA, UBA, PA, HPA series
Weakly Basic Anion Exchange Resins (Acrylic, Polyamine, and Dimethylamine Type) DIAION™ WA series
Chelating Resins
Iminodiacetate type, Polyamine Type, and Glucamine Type DIAION™ CR series
Synthetic Adsorbents
Aromatic Type, Modified Aromatic Type, and Methacrylic Type DIAION™ HP series
MCI GEL™ CHP series
Small Particle Size for Chromatographic Separation DIAION™ HP series
MCI GEL™ CHP series
HPLC Packed Columns and Packing Media
Packed columns MCI GEL™, XtalSpeed™
Packing media MCI GEL™