MCI GEL™ & XtalSpeed™:Packed column and Packing media for HPLC

MCI GEL™ for High Performance Liquid Chromatography

MCI GEL™ products have been developed for HPLC with excellent performance, and includes various kind of packing materials and packed columns for analytical uses. MCI GEL™ products is derived from Mitsubishi Chemical's manufacturing experience of DIAION™ ion exchange resins and SEPABEADS™ synthetic adsorbents.

HPLC packed column

MCI GEL™ packing media

High chemical stability and excellent performance

MCI GEL™ polymeric separation materials for HPLC include ion exchange resins, non-functionalized reversed-phase polymers and hydrophilic porous gels.

Polymeric packing materials can be operated in a wide pH range of eluents due to their chemical stability. The packed columns provide high resolution of solutes with excellent reproducibility because the packing materials are essentially spherical and have a controlled, narrow particle size distribution.

Best quality

MCI GEL™ separation materials are produced under highest level of quality control, and always give best quality of products.

Friendly and knowledgeable technical support

Well-experienced expert staff will provide accurate advice when customers have any requests or face any troubles.

MCI GEL™ & XtalSpeed™ : packed columns for HPLC

MCI GEL™ & XtalSpeed™ packed columns are produced by a unique packing technique with high performance separation materials. The columns always show excellent performance and the quality is supported by the highest attention to quality control.

The best suitable column for application will be selected from the wide range of MCI GEL™ packed columns.

HPLC packed columns

MCI GEL™ packing media

Wide range of particle size

Many sorts of materials for various chromatographic mode are offered to support a broad range of applications. Since particle size of materials are from 4 μm to over 100 μm, the materials can meet any customers request for analytical, preparative and industrial uses.

MCI GEL™ packing media